Welcome to our site. We have traveled far in the journey we started several years ago to find the organic lifestyle. Me and the wife have reached the 5 year mark. It only took 6 years to get here,,,,so we feel very good about the progress.

Much trial and error to make many things work the way we wanted. Hope you are as happy with the progress in your life. We have switched to water based pigment inks in our t-shirts and set up our shop to be as green as we could make it. We had to add a clam-shell press to the shop because we found that many people wanted a few shirts at a low price which doesn’t work with screen printed shirts, you really need to reach a certain number of shirts to get a reduced price. We also bought a vinyl cutter to finish the design. Not as green as we wanted but it allows us to do short runs and still keep the price down for our customers.

Started to experiment with several green garden techniques two years ago this spring, as is the case with our crafts a lot of trial and error but we have found several options that work for us. We use raised plant beds, Floating Raft System and Dutch Bucket System. Others were tried but didn’t work well for us, Potato Barrels, Grow barrels, and a few others just didn’t produce the results we wanted the first year or second after some tweaks to them.

So we will be raising the greenhouse this year to extend the season, and go with what seems to work for us. Hope you have started the life style changes that make you happy also.