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Organic Plants


Glad to have you visit our SITE. We decided that we wanted to change our way of life, to enjoy a sustainable way of living, to take charge of our future. The sustainable lifestyle allows us to control our lives as little or as much as we choose. Community based trade and cooperation is what we feel is needed and hope more people decide it's what they want.
We are currently switching to water based pigment inks in our t-shirts and setting up our shop to be as green as we can currently make it. This is an ongoing transition to the way of life we want. We do shirts and stained glass but will start candles and soaps soon. The shop will use solar, wind, methane and bio-diesel. We hope that it will have a zero carbon foot print when we finish.
Farming will be something we will start this spring, as is the case with our crafts we will not start 100% green but will progress in that direction as fast as we can. This will be a total life style change. This way of life is not for everyone but if they only change a few things in their daily life, we can all make a difference.
I will be starting you tube videos and tutorials this year to track and document this transition. If anyone is interested in what it took for us to move in this direction, please follow along it's a way of life that we as americans have moved away from and when you forget where your from sometimes you don't know where your headed.
Stained Glass


My wife has been doing stained-glass for about 6 years She does art pieces as well as window and cabinet designs. We attend many of the craft festivals and trade shows. We hope you see something you like..more..
Unique Candles


We have done candles for years so I suggested we offer them to everyone. We will start with a few types but bring out more designs as we can afford to as soon as we can. Hope you like all we have..more..
Organic Soaps


My mother passed recently and we have been given her soap making materials. I hope to continue her craft of soap making. We will be adding many kinds as we learn this fascinating craft from our past..more..


This year we will be starting our
first true organic garden. We hope
by the season end we will have our
first green house complete. This will
allow us to grow veggies all year long,
a true success for us..more..
Unique T-Shirts


I bought a single color press four years ago and love doing shirts for the festivals. I now have a four color press and enjoy it even more. I have moved to water based and organic inks..more..
Animal Rescue


Want to save an animal and do the right thing then support a rescue group and do right by these animals. They give unconditional love and are there for you. ..more..